Zoya "Merida" Swatch & Review | #SwatchSunday

Hello everyone!I apologize for my short little break! I start my first year in college in just a week, and have been tied up with last minute shopping and other preparations.Today I have #SwatchSunday post for you all; one that I have really been looking forward to! I recently got a bottle of Zoya "Merida" [...]


LLP #BestieTwinNails: Matte Daisy Nails

Hello everyone!Today's nail art is Bestie Twin Nails (Bestie Quadruplet Nails...?) with Carmen (@ineedamani), Jess (@frecklepusnails), and Sonia (@badgirlnails) at Live Love Polish. Yesterday I took a trip to their new office, and we decided to have matching nails!This design is originally Sonia's, but we all decided to wear it when we met. I did [...]