Salon Perfect *Exclusive* Holiday Collection!

Hello everyone!

Today I have some swatch spam from Salon Perfect! These beauties are from their Holiday Collection. *This is a photo-heavy post… You have been warned!!!*

**Salon Perfect is available at Walmart, but you can only find “Glam Glitter”, “Christmas Cookie”, and “Snowed In” in the giveaway that Salon Perfect is currently holding with Nail It Magazine! There are 250 winners and they will win all of the polishes that I am showing to you in this post, and also their white polish “Sugar Cube”, which you have all seen me use a lot before. The best part of the giveaway is that it includes the exclusive ones. (Which, by the way, are must-haves!!!) 

Click HERE to find out how to enter the giveaway! It ends on November 30th!

The first polish I want to share with you is “Glam Glitter”. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful!!! It is literally Christmas in a bottle and I am in love.

“Glam Glitter” is a glitter-bomb topper with all different sized red, green and silver glitters. I think that this would look gorgeous topped over black or white polish, or even over a gold polish for a more glam look. 

Here’s an up close shot:

Isn’t it gorgeous? My sister immediately asked me to do this glitter gradient on her nails this Christmas when she saw it.

This one is called “He’s With Me”, and it is a red jelly with silver glitter! In the jelly, the silver glitters look red as well and add a really beautiful sparkle.

Here I’ve layered two coats of “He’s With Me” over Salon Perfect “Paint the Town Red”. Since this is a jelly, I don’t think this is quite opaque to wear on it’s own, but it looks amazing over another red polish!

Next up is “Christmas Cookies”, which is another topper with green, red and white circular glitter. There are two different sizes of glitter so there is some variation. I think that this one is so cute!! I added a little gingerbread man to my ring finger and placed the glitters to make eyes, a mouth, and buttons.

The base of this polish isn’t quite thick enough to pick up a lot of glitters, so I placed them on my nails rather than using the brush.

This one is “Champagne Toast”, and it is a topper with gold micro-glitter. This is very similar to the legendary China Glaze “Fairy Dust”, except this glitter is gold rather than silver. Shown is just one coat over Salon Perfect “Oil Slick”!

This last one is one of my favorites… I absolutely love it! This is one coat of “Snowed In” over Essie “Bikini So Teeny”. I am obsessed with this combination, and it looks just like snow!

“Snowed In” is a glitter topper with different sized white hexagons and silver micro-glitters. It looks like a blizzard on my nails! I used a light blue base, but I think that a deep blue would look gorgeous as well.

Here is a close-up of the glitter:

I hope you guys love this collection as much as I do! Don’t forget to enter Nail It Mag and Salon Perfect’s giveaway where 250 winners will receive these exclusive polishes!


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DISCLAIMER: This collection was kindly sent to me by Salon Perfect to try. I am not being paid to use these products. All opinions expressed on these products are my own. I only post honest reviews for you all. ❤

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