Purple Floral Water Decal Nails | Born Pretty Store Review

 Hello everyone!

Today I have another awesome Born Pretty Store review for you all, for these gorgeous purple floral water decals!

I paired these decals with Color Club “Pucci-licious”, because it is a blue-toned purple, just like the purple in these decals. To add a little bit of sparkle, I used some silver rhinestones (also from Born Pretty Store) on the nails that I painted purple. I love the little accent that they add! You can use nail glue to secure them for long term wear, but I just applied them with tweezers while my top coat was still tacky.

The one thing that was a bit of a pain about these decals is that they come in a square shape, so you have to cut them to the curve of your cuticle, and it is a little tough to get them exactly in the right shape. Other than that, I really like these decals! They look beautiful and I think that these water decals are a great way to easily have amazing nails.

The most important thing to do when applying these decals is keeping them wet. If they are not wet enough, then they wont be as flexible and it is a bit more challenging to get them to adhere to your nail.

Here’s a close-up of these decals:

I just love the floral pattern! You could also pair these with a light purple nail polish, or even a light/mint green!

Please check out my YouTube tutorial for this design here, where you can see how I applied them:

If you’re looking for a huge selection of nail art products for great products, then Born Pretty Store is a great place to go!

Check out the decals here, and don’t forget to use the code NSBW10 for 10% off your order on www.bornprettystore.com!

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DISCLAIMER: Born Pretty Store sent me these decals and the rhinestones to review and share with you all. I am not being paid to use this product. All opinions expressed on this product are strictly my own. I only post honest reviews for you all ❤

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