OPI Infinite Shine Review & Leopard Print Nails

Hello everyone!

The other day I got some super exciting nail mail: The new OPI Infinite Shine system, which I received from Preen.Me as a part of their #PreenMeVIP program!

I actually snapped these two pictures when I first opened this, because I was so excited and the packaging was so cute!!!

I received 10 polishes as well as the special base coat (primer) and top coat (gloss), and they came in this little box!

So, a little bit about Infinite Shine….

OPI Infinite Shine is a new nail lacquer system that is like gel nail polish, but without the light. It claims to remove as easily as regular nail polish and lasts for up to 10 days.

As soon as I saw “Pretty Pink Perseveres”, “Tanacious Spirit”, and “Never Give Up”, I knew that I had to do a manicure with them together! They compliment each other so beautifully. So I did this leopard print mani with rhinestones from Born Pretty Store for a little added sparkle (you all know that I can’t pass that up :P)

I am so happy with how this nail design turned out! I think that it looks very classic with the neutral colors, but still girly and fun.

Check out my tutorial here!

Now, for a quick review of what I thought of this new line…

Base Coat (Primer): It seems to do the job pretty well. This base coat was a little thin, so when I first used it I did flood my cuticles once or twice. Just make sure to not have too much on the brush and to be aware of how thin the formula is.

Lacquer: Gorgeous!!! I’ve tried 5 of the 10 I received so far and I can definitely confirm that they are all two-coaters… Even the light pink “Pretty Pink Perseveres”! Formulas were lovely in all of them and went on so smooth. The brush is the perfect size, and the polishes also dry very quickly! By the time I finished one hand, I was able to go back and do a second coat on the other. As for how long it lasts, I wore “Withstands the Test of Thyme” for 6 days, and I had only had minor tip wear and a chip on the corner of my index finger on my dominant hand. My sister has been wearing “Can’t Be Beat” for two days and is loving it! She agrees that the manicure is glossier than usual and it has lasted very well on her nails. For some reason, nail polish always chips on her faster, so compared to other polishes this is doing very well.

Top coat: The top coat was actually probably my least favorite product from the Infinite Shine system. It is way too watery, in my opinion, so it is easy to flood your cuticles. But if you don’t use enough of the product on the brush, there are visible brush strokes. Additionally, the top coat drags the colors like crazy, even with completely dry polish. The brush has clear bristles so you can tell. On some nails, the top coat left bald spots because it picked up so much of the polish. Even just putting top coat on my finished manicure, I had to wipe off the brush in between nails so it would not transfer any color. Kind of a pain if you ask me! The upsides? The gloss is fast-drying and it does have a very nice shine to it that seems to last pretty well.

I will be doing some more Infinite Shine manis soon, and keep you updated on the lacquers that I haven’t tried yet!

What do you all think of this mani?

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DISCLAIMER: These Infinite Shine polishes were kindly sent to me by OPI through the Preen.Me VIP program to try. I am not being paid to use these products. All opinions expressed on these products are my own. I only post honest reviews for you all. ❤

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