OPI Infinite Shine Floral Watermarble Nails

Hello everyone!

As you can probably tell, I have joined the nub club…. Yup, I’ve had three nail breaks in the past two days. Ugh.

But I am continuing with my series of watermarbling attempts; this time with a flower petal marble using “Running With the In-finite Crowd”, “Pretty Pink Perseveres”, and “Get Ryd-of-thym Blues” from the new OPI Infinite Shine line. 

*I received 10 polishes from the OPI Infinite Shine line (as well as the base and top coat) from Preen.Me through their #PreenMeVIP program, however, this does not affect my comments or opinions on the polishes*

Okay, so the flower petal watermarbling technique always kills me. I know that my ring finger looks weird but I had to accept it after about ten million tries… This is still a learning process for me!

To pair with the petal watermarble, I did some cute little dotted flowers on my other nails. This is one of my favorite floral styles! It is so easy, and you can use any color combination possible.

If the watermarble had turned out better, I feel like I would have absolutely loved this mani.

In case you missed my last review, here’s a quick recap of my opinions on the Infinite Shine line:
  • Primer (Base coat): Kind of watery, but it does the job.
  • Lacquer: Formulas are smooth and easy to work with. Really nice and creamy, and there is a very wide variety of colors.
  • Top coat: Probably my least favorite product in the line. It drags the colors like crazy and ruins any nail art. I actually used a different top coat on this mani because I didn’t want the Infinite Shine top coat to drag the darker colors everywhere. On the plus side, it is shiny and holds up well, so if you’re wearing one plain color you can get away with using it.

I did not feel like these polishes marbled very well. You can see it especially on my ring finger: the colors bled into each other and got really messy. However, since the polishes are not to thick they did spread out in the water nicely and made a good bullseye.

Want to see how I did this mani? Check out my YouTube tutorial here:

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DISCLAIMER: These Infinite Shine polishes were kindly sent to me by OPI and Preen.Me through the #PreenMeVIP program to try. I am not being paid to use these products. All opinions expressed on these products are my own. I only post honest reviews for you all. ❤

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