Donut Nails | Living Royal Review

Hello everyone!

Today I have some really cute donut patterned nails inspired by my socks from Living Royal!

So a little bit about the socks… I don’t usually wear funky sucks unless it is around the house, but I love having them and wearing them to brighten my day 🙂 When I received these socks, I was pleasantly surprised! I was expecting a thin cotton where you could see right through them, but I thought that they were great quality and were very comfortable. Plus, this pattern is so cute!!! Now I definitely want to have a few more pairs, haha 🙂

I started by using LVX “Mynt” as my base color. I seriously cannot rave about this polish enough; it is the perfect mint green! It is only two coats and it is even pretty shiny on its own. The formula is amazing! It is so smooth and beautiful.

Then I used a ton of polishes to actually paint the donuts; too many to name. I used a really thin brush by Picture Polish from Live Love Polish. I believe the specific one I used was the #10 brush. I know my freehand isn’t perfect (I’m really out of practice and freehand isn’t my strong suit anymore) but I still think that this mani turned out pretty cute!

Here’s a close up of one of the nails:

If you want to see how I did this mani, then check out my YouTube tutorial here: 

Check out the socks that this mani is inspired by here!

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DISCLAIMER: Living Royal sent me these socks, free of charge, share with you all. I am not being paid to use this product. All opinions expressed on this product are strictly my own. I only post honest reviews for you all ❤

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