Salon Perfect Naked Nutrients Collection

Hello everyone!

Today I have a big swatch and review for you all, of the Naked Nutrients Collection from Salon Perfect! They were kind enough to send it to me, and I tried all 8 of them. They are available at Walmart stores for $3.98 each, which is such a great price!

The Naked Nutrients polishes have a keratin treatment in the polish to strengthen your nails as well as having long lasting color.

**This is a photo heavy post!

“Whipped Cream Kisses” is a light sandy nude color. Here I am wearing 2 thick coats with top coat. I think with thinner coats, you might be better off with 3.

This is not a color that I have in my collection, so I am really happy to have a shade like this. The formula is a little thin, but that is to be expected with such a light color. The formula of this polish (and pretty much the whole collection) was smooth and easy to apply.

Next is “Pass the Skinny Dip”. This one is slightly darker and more warm-toned than the last shade. It definitely has some orange-y nude undertones. Here I am wearing 2 coats with top coat.

I don’t think I like this shade as much. I felt like sometimes it looks like it’s washing out my skin tone. It may be a little too peachy for me. But the great thing about this line is that everyone can find a perfect nude in here, so I’m sure this will look amazing on some other skin tones!

“Ballerina Slippers” looks similar to “Pass the Skinny Dip” in the bottle, but on the nail, it is just more of a neutral-toned pink nude. Here I am wearing 2 coats with top coat, although I might consider doing three next time. In some lights it looked a little patchy.

I really liked the pinky-nude undertones that this polish had. I think it made this shade really different. Similar to the last color, though, sometimes “Ballerina Slippers” looked really close to my skin tone and it didn’t seem like it was working with my coloring. I’m still going to try and make it work, because it is such a beautiful neutral.

“Sea Shell Sweetie” is a light taupe color. Here I am wearing 2 coats with top coat, but to be honest I think it needed 3 coats. I think it is appropriately named, since the color reminds me of a shell.

I think this might actually be one of my favorite shades, which totally surprised me! I usually never go for colors like this, and I don’t even think I have a similar one in my collection. But I ended up really liking how this one looked.

Next up is “Mauve Mood”, a light mauve shade. It looks pretty gray in some lights, but in more natural lighting the purple undertones show a lot more. Here I am wearing 2 coats with top coat.

This polish is also one of my favorites from the collection. I always love colors like this! They look flattering on most people and I always feel like they work with so much. Definitely would recommend!

“Birthmark Beauty” is a medium rosy-nude shade. It is sort of a warm-toned mauve. Here I am wearing 2 coats with top coat.

Again, not a color I would usually pick, but I was surprised that I liked it! Maybe I’ll try reaching for this one to switch up my neutral tones. I think I just naturally gravitate towards cool colors so I usually wouldn’t wear something like this, but it looked better on me than I expected!

Next is “Stick to Your Guns”. I would describe it as a deeper, more gray-toned version of “Mauve Mood”. I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat in these photos.

I can see why they chose the name “Stick to Your Guns”; it looks like a gunmetal gray color. I think it is universally flattering and great to wear during any season/occasion! It also was one of the most pigmented polishes in the collection!

And the last polish is “Brownie Scouts Honor” is a true milk chocolate brown. I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat. I usually don’t wear brown nail polish, but this is a great shade and formula (with a great price!) so I would definitely recommend it if you love nail colors like this!

And that is all of the swatches!

I think there’s definitely a shade for every person in this collection! And I love the added benefit of the polishes being keratin infused to strengthen your nails.

I have always thought Salon Perfect is great value for the price, and this is a great collection. Be sure to check it out at Walmart stores, each bottle is $3.98!

Sorry for the super long post. I hope you all found it helpful!

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DISCLAIMER: Salon Perfect sent me these products to review and share with you all. I am not being paid to use this product. All opinions expressed on this product are strictly my own. I only post honest reviews for you all ❤

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