How To Grow Your Nails Long and Strong

One of the most common questions I get is, "How did you get your nails so long and healthy?" I figured since so many people want to know, I would do a complete write up on how I keep my nails long.Just like anyone else, my nails do break. I typically get breaks on the [...]

Salon Perfect "Paint the Town Red, White, and Blue" Collection

Hello everyone! So a few weeks ago, Salon Perfect sent me their newest collection, "Paint the Town Red, White, and Blue"! The collection consists of, obviously, lots of patriotic colors along with some pretty awesome glitter toppers that scream "'Murica." Haha 🙂 Salon Perfect very kindly sent me these 9 polishes. From left to right: Star [...]

My Tips for Watermarbling

Watermarbling has always been one of the most dreaded nail art techniques of all time for me. I have struggled with it for FOREVER, so recently I just sat down and decided to try every combination and option possible for watermarbling. This was the result:Colors used: Salon Perfect "Wild Blue Yonder"Zoya "Blu"Sally Hansen "White On"I [...]