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Hi everyone!
Today’s nail art shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, considering I’ve been on a real rose gold kick lately. I decided to re-attempt some rose gold marble nails using the same polishes I used in my Rose Gold Minnie Nails from the other month.
Fun fact… I was originally not going to upload this nail art because I’m not 100% happy with how it came out. I feel like I’m really just not getting the marble nail look right. I’ve never been really happy with how mine end up looking. If any fellow nail artists have some tips, please feel free to leave them down below!
But I decided to post these and hope you enjoy them anyway. 😊Let’s get into the details!

As you can tell, my nails have been suuuper short lately. The cold New Jersey weather is wreaking havoc on my nails and cuticles, so they’ve been so dry and brittle. They’ve grown out a bit since these photos, but I still never go anywhere without a cuticle oil pen. Let’s hope they get back to a normal length soon!

This nail art is summing up a few of my favorite styles right now…. Rose gold, marble, and geometric patterns! If I didn’t hate my marble pattern so much, I think I would really love this design lol.


The light pink I used is Orly “Pamper Me”. I’m not the biggest fan of pink, but I do really love super light baby pinks like this one. And of course, the rose gold glitter I used is Cirque Colors “Halcyon”. You guys know I love this rose gold! It leans a little copper-y sometimes, but I think that’s another reason I love it. It is super pretty on the nails and I think it looks great with this shade of pink.

Since I have a rose gold marble phone case, I decided to get a few shots with it! I think they ended up looking pretty fun. I’d definitely love to do more nail art matching accessories like this.


This phone case was from Amazon, and it was super cheap but it’s held up ok so far. I’m pretty sure the one I ordered is this one…. but there are so many cases like this online!

I have been enjoying taking some new picture angles and experimenting a little bit more with my nail photos lately. It’s been kind of nice to change it up and I think it’s pushing me to be more creative. I hope you guys are enjoying them too!


If you want to see how I created this nail art design, then you can check out my YouTube tutorial here:

Thanks for reading!

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