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Hi everyone!

Today I have nail art inspired by the artwork on Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover! I’ve been a fan of Taylor for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been going to each of her tours since Speak Now in 2011. So needless to say, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of this album!

Between the title track being released on my birthday last week, and the album dropping last night, I’ve been obsessed with everything Lover related and I knew I had to do nails to celebrate!

Here’s me wearing the nail art and a very special Taylor Swift related hat… Read down to the end of this blog post to find out its significance 🙂


Let’s get into the nail art…



I absolutely love the pastel, romantic, and dreamy aesthetic that Taylor has been centering this era on! I wanted to make that the main highlight of this manicure, especially because it is so easy to recreate on the nails.

I took colors that matched the colors on the album and did a blob gradient on all of my nails. Here’s a list of those polishes:


It wasn’t originally my plan to paint “Lover” on my nail, but I wasn’t sure the theme of the manicure was clear from just the outline heart on my ring nail. I’m actually relatively proud of how the lettering turned out since it’s not really my forte! But I think it definitely ties Lover in so much better with this design.


I wish I had made the colors a little darker and more vibrant, but hopefully you still get the idea 🙂

The hot pink heart and “Lover” text were painted with a Mitty detail brush and China Glaze “Monsterpiece”.


Just a quick story time before I wrap up this blog post… At Taylor’s Red Tour Concert on 7/13/13, I attended with my sister and my cousin. We dressed up in homemade t-shirts that spelled out “RED”, wore strings of lights, red lipstick, red ribbons in our hair, and painted lyrics on our arms. We went all out!!

When I tell you we had the crappiest seats in the stadium, I mean it. We were in the tippy-top row in MetLife Stadium. But we were just happy to be there! During the opening acts, we just stood and sang… uh… screamed… along with the music even though the people around us seemed completely disinterested at being there at all.

A worker happened to notice us at the top singing and dancing and came up to us. She asked us if we were having fun, and after we enthusiastically said yes, she asked us if we would like to watch from the front row. As you could imagine, we were shocked and over the moon!! The worker took us backstage and around to the front row where we got to enjoy the rest of the concert.

At this point, we’re like: there’s no way this concert could get any better!! This is the ultimate upgrade! We probably looked like maniacs dancing and screaming when she opened with State of Grace. And then: Taylor finished the song, basked in the applause for a minute or so, and started to walk down the stairs toward our seats. She looked right at us and waved me over, took off her hat, and handed it to me.

That’s right. Taylor. Swift. Handed. Me. Her. Hat.

I still have it to this day (along with memories from the most amazing concert of my life), so here are some pictures of my Lover nails with the hat that Taylor handed to me.  Coming full circle between one of her earlier eras and now! 🙂


It’s also signed by her on the inside of the brim!


If you want to see how I did this nail art with detailed voiceovers, then you can check out my tutorial on my YouTube channel here:





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