My 21st Birthday Nails!

Hi everyone!

Today is my 21st birthday, which means it’s time for my annual post of my birthday nails.

You might remember that I really never wear my nail art when I do it, and my birthday is one of the rare occasions where I wear an actual nail design instead of a basic color. I always take some of my favorite polishes and nail art styles and incorporate it into the mani.

This has been a tradition of mine since my 15th birthday and I love continuing it. Now let’s get into the details of what I’m wearing this year!


The featured color in this design is LVX “Seychelle” since it is one of my absolute favorite shades at the moment. I think it’s my favorite polish from LVX! It is such a beautiful blue green, and I am always drawn to seafoam colors like this.

I did a gradient, one of my favorite nail art designs, on my ring finger and index finger. Then I did some single chevrons on all of my nails except my ring, where I freehanded a gold 21. (I always include the age I turn in my birthday nail art!


I never do a tutorial for my birthday nails since they’re just supposed to be something quick and fun that I enjoy. But they’re not too difficult and pretty self explanatory, so I’d love if you recreated them! Be sure to tag me so I can see. 💕

As always, thank you guys for all the love and support over the past 6 years. Hopefully there will be many more birthday nails to come!





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