My 21st Birthday Nails!

My 21st Birthday Nails!

Hi everyone! Today is my 21st birthday, which means it's time for my annual post of my birthday nails. You might remember that I really never wear my nail art when I do it, and my birthday is one of the rare occasions where I wear an actual nail design instead of a basic color. [...]

My 17th Birthday Nails

Hello everyone!Today, August 16th, is my 17th birthday! I wanted to sincerely thank you all because last year around my birthday, I had 34,000 Instagram followers. Now, I'm nearing 72,000! It's amazing to see how this little account of mine has grown over the years.One of my all-time favorite manis that I've ever done is [...]

My 16th Birthday Nails

// everyone! Today is my 16th birthday and I decided to do some nails for the occasion.I really wanted to just do a nail design that incorporated all of my favorite nail designs and colors. That includes light blue, lots of glitter, and of course, chevrons! :)I used Zoya "Blu", which is my favorite light [...]