Expressie Nail Polish Review

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Today I have a swatch and review of 4 polishes from essie’s newest line of nail polish, expressie.

expressie is described as a one-step color and shine system that is 8-free, vegan, and dries in 60 seconds. These polishes also feature essie’s first-ever angled brush, which was really different and interesting to me. The bristles are in a wide, flat brush shape (similar to the nail polish brush that essie was updated with this past year) but the brush is angled almost like it is bent slightly to one side.

I received 4 of the polishes from the expressie line for Christmas and I thought it would be really fun to share with you my honest first experience and review! Keep on reading to see swatch pictures of the 4 shades I have and hear my thoughts.

“throw it on” is a soft lavender creme. I’m wearing 2 coats and top coat. This is such a pretty shade! I can definitely see myself wearing it in the spring. I usually prefer cool toned purples, but this one has a rosy quality to it that I actually really like. Application was smooth but definitely be careful: this could easily be a 3 coater if you do too many strokes and start pulling off the bottom layer of color.


“air dry” is a gray-ish blue creme. I’m wearing 2 coats and top coat. You guys probably already know I love this shade! It’s a really beautiful color and it applied like a dream. It’s not too vibrant that it’s unwearable for everyday, but there’s still enough color to make it really fun and interesting.


“get a mauve on” is a mauve-y purple creme. I love this color! So universally flattering and classic. I’m wearing 2 coats and top coat. This color will look good on so many skin tones and it was, again, easy to apply. Similarly to the lighter purple shade, this polish could become a 3 coater if you start getting bald spots during the second coat. I had to be a little careful that there was enough polish on my brush so I wouldn’t be left with those spots!


And last but not least is “mic drop-it-low”, a magenta-wine creme with a red-magenta shimmer to it. I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat. This is so pretty when it catches the light! I expected it to be darker, and magentas aren’t really my style. In the bottle, the base color almost looked burgundy, and in some darker lighting this polish still kind of looks like a burgundy on the nail. Still, if you’re into dark pinks with a little bit of sparkle, this shade will be right up your alley.


So my verdict on the drying time: It’s true! I finished the first coat on my one hand, touched the first nail I painted, and it was dry to the touch. I’m sure you could have still dented it with a good amount of force, but it was good enough that this would be a good polish for when you’re running late. I can definitely see this being the kind of polish that you can slap on and head out the door.

The other unique thing about this line is the new brush in the bottles. For me, there was a slight learning curve to using a brush that was curved on one side and flat on the other. I have never really had trouble using brushes that are curved on both sides, even on my other hand, but if you’re still struggling to find a brush that works for you maybe you can give it a try. I did sometimes find it frustrating when I had to flip the brush to get the right angle to paint the sidewalls of my nails. But the second time I used these polishes, I felt a lot more comfortable with the brush. I think it could be a helpful feature for people who struggle with painting their other hand! Overall, I didn’t think it was a “make or break” part of these polishes.

The only thing I have with this line is that as far as I can tell, it doesn’t require a top coat. Being the nail polish fanatic that I am, it goes against my nature to paint my nails and not apply a top coat. The expressie line includes a “clear” color called “always transparent”, but it doesn’t seem like that is a top coat per se. I really hope Essie comes out with a top coat in this line, as well!

Each polish retails for $9 each and is available at Target, Amazon, Ulta, and more.

If you want to see me swatch these polishes live, check out my chit-chatty review of these nail polishes here:

And that’s pretty much my whole review! I hope you all found it helpful, and be sure to let me know what you think of the expressie line in the comments below!



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DISCLAIMER: I got these polishes as a Christmas present, and I am not being paid to use them. All opinions expressed are my own.

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