Recreating Joey King’s Geometric Golden Globes Nail Art

Hi everyone!

Today’s nail art design is inspired by the nails that Joey King wore to this year’s Golden Globes the other week. While scrolling through all of the red carpet looks (my favorite part of the award shows!) I saw a bunch of really awesome nail designs and this one especially caught my eye. It’s super modern, abstract, and clean… And really simple to recreate! All you need is a thin brush and a steady hand.

Please check out the nail tech who originally created this look on Joey, @thuybnguyen… This design is hers, I was just really inspired by it and wanted to give it a try!

Now, into the nail art….


For my version of this nail design, I started with a base of butter LONDON “Royal Blush”, which is a really beautiful pink-nude creme. I wore 3 coats just to make sure it was completely opaque.

Then, I took black acrylic paint and did a straight, thin black line down the center of all my nails (with the exception of my ring finger, where I did the white lines first). The only brush I used for this design was the Whats Up Nails Mermaid #1 Brush, which was the perfect length and width for this!

Using acrylic paint instead of nail polish is great for a design like this because you can easily touch up any mistakes in your line with a toothpick: just scratch away the paint on any mistakes. Once the black acrylic paint was dry, I took the same liner brush and used white nail polish to ad the white line details. Super simple and quick!

I finished everything off with a layer of top coat, and then applied a matte top coat just like on Joey.

Here is the photo I saw of Joey’s nails for the Golden Globes. And if there’s anything I love more than florals, it’s super clean and simple geometric designs!


My favorite part about this design is that all 10 fingers had a different geometric pattern done with the white lines. It just made this nail art even more interesting and creative! I decided to follow the original nail artist’s style pretty closely because I liked her pattern so much, but there is definitely plenty of room to get creative here and make up some geometric patterns of your own.


If you want to watch a tutorial of me creating this nail design, you can check out my YouTube video here:


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