I Followed a Bob Ross Tutorial on My Nails!

Hi everyone!

Today I have a nail design that I am very excited to share…. I tried to follow a Bob Ross tutorial on my nails! This trend has been going around YouTube with Rosanna Pansino, Jenna Marbles, and James Charles. Since some people have been trying to recreate his paintings on other surfaces and with other mediums, I decided to try and do one on my nails.

The Bob Ross video I decided on was “Island in the Wilderness”, which was relatively simple with some pine trees and a lake.

Keep on reading to hear more about how I did these nails!

To start, I painted my nails white to act as a white canvas. Then, since Bob started with pinks and blues to create a blended gradient background, I used a makeup sponge to do the same background. I painted some trees on top using a detail brush, and added any other highlights and blending just like Bob did. It’s a bit hard to put into writing, so if you’re interested in the process, I encourage you to check out my YouTube video at the end of this blog post 🙂


I used a bunch of polishes for this look, so here’s a list in case you guys are interested:


And here’s an up-close macro shot of one of the nails, so you can better see the details.

I’m actually pretty happy with how this design came out, and this was so much fun to do. I don’t do a ton of freehand and detailed nail art anymore, so this was a nice change from my usual geometric and simple patterns. I hope you guys like them too!

And if there are any other nail artists up for this challenge, I would love to see more Bob Ross nails! There are so many possibilities because there are so many different Bob Ross paintings. Please share them with me if you can…. I haven’t seen any other nail artists do this yet but I’d love to see more!


If you want to watch my video doing these Bob Ross nails (including side by sides of me following his steps) then you can check it out on my YouTube channel here:

Thank you so much for reading 🙂


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