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Hi everyone!

Today’s nail art is perfect for spring: a simple floral design using China Glaze’s new spring collection, the Arrangement!

This is a gorgeous collection with such a diverse group of colors and I was so excited to receive it after eyeing it on social media for so long. Thank you, China Glaze!

Let’s get into the design and the colors I used…

Spring has sprung here in NJ and I am loving the warmer temperatures and sunshine. I’ve definitely been in the mood for some spring nail designs, so when I received this collection, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I’ve also been super inspired lately by @thehangedit on Instagram. She has such elegant and beautiful designs, and her floral patterns have been some of my favorites lately. I definitely tried to echo her style in this mani.

I started with a sheer, milky white base (you guys should know by now… of course, I used my trusty bottle of Londontown “Princess Awaits”) then concentrated the floral pattern on the tips of my nails.

With 12 polishes in the complete collection, I couldn’t possibly use them all in this one design. But I did use a fair amount. To make things simpler, here’s a list of the polishes I used for this spring floral look.

The sage green I used for the vines is China Glaze “Show Em Who’s Blossom”.

The darker pink I used as the base of the larger flowers is China Glaze “There She Rose Again”.

The light purple I used for flowers is China Glaze “Lavenduh”.

The orange I used for dots and small flowers is China Glaze “Good as Marigold”.

The lighter pink I used to add detail and dimension to the large flowers is China Glaze “Señora Flora”.

The light blue polish I used for some small flowers and dots here and there is China Glaze “Hydrangea Dangea”.

The teal polish I used to create some leaves around the flowers is China Glaze “Saved by the Blue Bell”.

If you’d like to see how I did this nail design, then you can check out my YouTube tutorial here:

Hope you all are enjoying the start of spring, and I hope you all love this design!

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