China Glaze Body & Sol (Summer 2019) Collection | Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being a little bit remiss about posting here over the past 2 months… I was finishing up my semester and wasn’t able to write as much. Hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me now that it’s the summer!

Today I’m doing a swatch and review of the entire Body & Sol Summer 2019 Collection from China Glaze. The collection is 8 polishes total, and are various different shades of nude with some sort of a glimmery, shimmery twist to each. I was really excited to try these out since they are totally different from what I’d expect of a summer collection. But as someone who does not wear many summer neons and bright colors, these seem much more my style. Plus, all of these polishes are so different from anything else I have in my collection.

Let’s get into the review… Be warned: this is a photo heavy post!

First up is “Beaches and Toes”. Here I’m wearing 3 coats with top coat. I probably could’ve gotten away with 2, but the third coat really helps make everything a little more opaque. I would describe this as a classic taupe, with silver holographic microglitter throughout.

The glitter really makes this one unique to any other nude shades I have! I can see myself wearing this one for sure. I also think this was one of the more flattering shades on my skin tone.

Like I mentioned before, I’m wearing 3 coats here but this was a pretty thin polish. With thicker coats, 2 coats might be ok. Although I do think the glitter popped more with the third coat 😊

Then we have “Skinny Tipping”, a peachy pink nude with orange-y flakies that catch the light in a really pretty and subtle way. Here I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat.

Again this formula was a little bit thinner than expected, which is why I worry that it might look a little bit light in spots. I think a third coat might’ve helped just make this one 100% opaque.

This shade isn’t really my style, as I tend to avoid peachy colors. I don’t think polishes like this really look good on me, but if you’re a fan of peaches and nudes with orange undertones, then this polish is for you!

“Beach Buff” is a muted, mauve-y pink shade with silver microglitter. Here I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat. The glitter is a bit more subtle in this one since the base is more opaque. I also think this one applied very smooth and easily.

I think this one is a real unexpected favorite! Nude pinks like this can be difficult for me because sometimes they look terrible with my skin tone, but this is a rare shade that I actually like on myself. Definitely a good option if you want a nude shade with a little bit of color and sparkle!

“Bronze Ambition” is a chocolate brown creme with a subtle gold shimmer. Here I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat. I think the gold sparkle really shines in the picture below… And I bet it would look even better in the summer sun!

I don’t really reach for brown nail polishes that much, but I think this would be so flattering and beautiful on some peoples skin tones. Plus, that gold shimmer is gorgeous!

“Copper-Tunist” is a shimmery, metallic true copper. Here I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat. The metallic effect of this polish makes it look super shiny, especially with a layer of top coat like I have here!

One thing to keep in mind with polishes like this is that it tends to show brush strokes. The more strokes you do, the more it will mess up that smooth metallic effect. I tried to limit myself to 3 strokes on each coat of this swatch, but there are still a few imperfections.

If you’re into metallics, you definitely will like this one!

Next up is “Glow-Worthy”, a bronze-y gold metallic polish with holographic microglitter. Why does this one remind me so much of a pirate’s treasure chest? 😂Here I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat.

This polish is another that really shines in the sunlight, especially because of the holographic glitter! Again, this is not typically a shade of nail polish I reach for very much, but it feels perfect for summer and it’s not like any other nail polish I have in my collection.

Here we have “Tan-Do”. I’m wearing 3 coats with top coat. Since this was one of the lighter shades,  I think this definitely needed a third coat. This is such a pretty polish! It’s a bit of a warmer nude compared to the cool-toned taupe of “Beaches and Toes”, and this one has gorgeous, tiny golden flakes throughout that make it look like it’s glowing.
This one reminds me of warm summer sands. The gold shimmer reminds me of the sun reflecting on the beach. Even though I usually like cool-toned nail polishes, I can see myself wearing “Tan-Do” this summer!

And last but not least, “Send Hues” is a deep brown with bronze-y and gold flakes/shimmer. Here I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat.

I really like this one! I think the fact that it is a cooler toned brown makes this right up my alley. I think it even looks like it has a bit of a purple-ish undertone in these photos. And again, the shimmer and flakes throughout the polish just give it such a wow factor. I really think all of these polishes will look amazing in the sunlight.

Phew! And that’s all the swatches. Definitely check out this collection online and at your local beauty supply store. Each polish is about $7, and like I mentioned before, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you all enjoyed and found this helpful.



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