70’s Inspired Zebra Print Mani


Hello everyone! I’m back with another mani using polishes from the Salon Perfect “Top of the Class” collection; this time from the 70’s portion of it!
The 70’s part of the collection is called “70’s Disco Divas” and it lives up to its decade with lots of color and glitter. The polishes I received were “Disco Ballin'”, “Foxy Lady”, and “Disco Diva”. 
The polishes I used in this mani were “Disco Ballin'” and “Foxy Lady”. I also used Salon Perfect “Sugar Cube” for a white base color, and finished the mani with the Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat. The zebra stripes were painted with black acrylic paint and a small brush.

This mani is a little crazier than what I usually do… I’m not usually into animal print, but I thought that with these polishes the zebra print would work really well. Even though I’m not quite sure it is my style, I do like the final result of this mani, and I am happy with how it looks!
A quick overview of the polishes in the “70’s Disco Divas” part of the “Top of the Class” Collection…
“Disco Ballin'”
“Disco Ballin'” is fine blue glitter in a clear base with a few fine silver glitters thrown in there as well. It isn’t labeled as a topper, but in my opinion, you would need to paint a lot of coats for it to be completely opaque with the glitter, so it would be easier to use it as a topper. I had to do a lot of layers to get it to be more opaque at the bottom for the gradient effect.
“Foxy Lady”
“Foxy Lady” is pretty much exactly the same as “Disco Ballin'”, just in hot pink! Again, the glitter is very fine, and has some silver glitters in it, too. This also doesn’t seem like a polish that would be used on it’s own, but I think that as a topper it really adds a cool effect to your mani!
“Disco Diva”
“Disco Diva” is a topper with holographic purple-ish/pink-ish bar glitter, and a few silver bar glitters as well. It is so glittery and eye catching! The holo catches the light so beautifully! I don’t usually use bar glitter but this one is really gorgeous, and I really want to use it in a mani soon. Even on its own, this polish would be gorgeous!
This is what the base of my mani looked like, in case you wanted to see the glitter gradient in better detail. The colors of these two polishes are so bright! 
“Foxy Lady” is on my index finger and ring finger, and “Disco Ballin'” is on my middle finger and pinky.
All in all, I’m really happy with how this design came out and I hope you guys like it!
The “Top of the Class” collection, which includes the 60’s “Nailed By The Mod Squad”, “70’s Disco Divas”, and “Totally 80’s” sub-collections, will be available in Walmart stores this August, and each of the polishes are about $4. 

Thanks for reading!


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DISCLAIMER: The “Top of the Class” collection was kindly sent to me by Salon Perfect to try and to review. I am not being paid to use these products. All opinions expressed on these products are my own. I only post honest reviews for you all. ❤

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