Black and White Chevron Nails | Born Pretty Store Review

Hello everyone! 🙂

Today I have this monochrome design using this rose nail stud and nail art brushes from Born Pretty Store! 

When I received this stud, I knew that I wanted to do a black and white design! I tend to lean away from them, because I love color, but I thought that it would be a nice change of pace.

How cute is this little flower stud? I love how it is not like a regular stud, and has a more feminine and fun look. Of course, in black it is more edgy, but I think is a great contrast. I’m really obsessed with these, and they come in so many different colors! It does stand pretty high up off the nail, so it might be difficult for everyday wear, but as an accent it is so pretty.

I did the chevron on my ring finger, but it didn’t turn out so well so I touched up the lines using these beautiful floral patterned brushes

As soon as I saw them on Born Pretty Store’s site I knew that I needed them in my life! I loooove floral 🙂 They come in a set of four, one of them being a flat edged brush that is perfect for cleanup. I probably will end up trimming these brushes to be even thinner, but I would definitely say that they are very fine already. It’s also a great price for four brushes!

I also used this gorgeous flaky polish from China Glaze called “Luxe and Lush”. I didn’t want to leave my other two fingers blank, so I thought this made an nice accent to add a little sparkle and gorgeousness to this simple design.

Check out my video tutorial for this design here:

Don’t forget to use the code NSBW10 for 10% off! I think that Born Pretty Store ships from Hong Kong or Singapore, so shipping is not always the fastest if you’re in the US like me, but they have a seriously huge selection of nail art supplies, beauty supplies, and even jewelry for very low prices. Let me know what you guys think of this design! And if anyone knows of a black nail polish that doesn’t smudge with white, I would really love to know….

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