My Prom Nails! :)

Hello everyone,

So a few weeks ago, I had my Senior Prom! And if you noticed that I haven’t posted in a week and a half, it’s because I’ve been so busy with prom, going for a weekend away, and finishing up my Senior Year! Only a week and a half until I graduate from high school 🙂

For my Senior Prom, I really wanted a dress that was different. I always tend to gravitate towards blues, white, and nude colors. Never anything really out there. But since I have red hair, green is always a great color for me. I decided that I wanted my Senior Prom dress to be emerald green! After searching through tons of stores, I found this Jovani one in the perfect color. I really love it!

To match my dress, I painted my nails with Salon Perfect “Escape to Neverland” with a Starrily “Ultima” glitter gradient on the tips of my nails to tie in the sparkly beading on the bodice. The green polish looks lighter than the dress in this lighting, but in person the color was almost a perfect match!

I thought that it might be fun to share my prom nails with you all, and I hope you enjoyed this quick little post! 🙂


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