LLP #BestieTwinNails: Matte Daisy Nails

Hello everyone!

Today’s nail art is Bestie Twin Nails (Bestie Quadruplet Nails…?) with Carmen (@ineedamani), Jess (@frecklepusnails), and Sonia (@badgirlnails) at Live Love Polish. Yesterday I took a trip to their new office, and we decided to have matching nails!

This design is originally Sonia’s, but we all decided to wear it when we met. I did my mani with Sally Hansen “Mellow Yellow”, Salon Perfect “Sugar Cube”, Starrily “Ultima”, as well as some black & white acrylic paint.

I prefer to use acrylic paint when doing designs with black and white patterns, like with the flowers and the polka dots, because they don’t smudge when applying top coat. Nothing is worse than doing a while nail of perfect polka dots and then smudging them all down your nail with top coat!

Even though my daisies turned out really messy and ugly compared to everyone else’s, this design was so cute and fun to do! I think it would look great with other colors as well.

Hope you guys liked this slightly different post! Thank you for Live Love Polish for having me to their office! I had a great time meeting you all! 🙂

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