OPI Iceland Collection Swatches and Review

Hello everyone! 

Today I have a huge swatch and review to share with you all, for the new OPI Iceland Collection! 

The ones I swatched for you are in their Infinite Shine formula, but you can also purchase them in their regular nail polish line, as well as their Gel nail color formula. 

All of these swatches are done with the Infinite Shine base coat and the Infinite Shine top coat. 

I received these polishes as a part of the Preen.Me VIP Program.

Keep reading to hear what I think about these polishes!

**This is a photo heavy post!

First is “Aurora Berry-alis”, a bright magenta creme.  Here I am wearing 2 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat. 

This is such a beautiful shade, with a great formula! The coverage was great and it was so smooth and easy to apply. I don’t wear deep pinks too much, but this formula might convince me to wear this shade more often.

Next up is “Check Out the Old Geysers”, a light blue creme with a bright blue shimmer. Here I am wearing 2 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat. As you can see, this still ended up with some patchiness, so I would recommend using 3 coats with this one.

This color is actually really pretty, and I love that blue shimmer. But I’ll admit, I wish it was a two-coater! I might still reach for this one because I love blue polishes so much.

Next is “I’ll Have a Gin and Tectonic”. Here I am wearing 3 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat.

This is a really unique color! It’s kind of like a rosy, peachy neutral shade. I’m not sure if it is quite my style, or if it even suits my skin tone, but it is still a cool color to have in your collection. I wish it was a two-coater, but it was streaky until I put on a third coat.

“Icelanded a Bottle of OPI” is a medium taupe-y brown shade. I am wearing 3 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat. 

This shade is very classic and neutral. You guys might remember how much I’ve been loving nude shades lately, so this might be another nude shade in my rotation! I love how it’s not too dark, but not too light either.

Then we have “Krona-logical Order”, a cool-toned dark brown creme. I’m wearing 2 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat.

I think OPI really nailed the deeper shades in this collection! The formula on this was really nice, the coverage was great, and it was super shiny! I think if you love dark nail colors then this is a great fall shade to pick up.

“Less Is Norse” is a medium navy blue creme. I’m wearing 2 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat.

I think I might have to try wearing a navy blue this fall! I really love this one, and I think it’s a nice change of pace from the usual burgundy and purple shades I gravitate towards during the colder weather. Formula was beautiful again. I would really recommend this shade!

Then we have “One Heckla of a Color”. Here I am wearing 2 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat. 

This color was so beautiful and it was a dream to apply. It’s sort of an orchid purple shade but still deep enough to work for the fall weather. It reminds me of when I used to wear medium purple shades like this all the time a few years ago. It just looks so pretty and eye-catching without being too bright and bold!

This is “Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots” Here is 2 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat. It is a rosy metallic, shimmery polish.

I think this is one of the most unique polishes in this collection! The color is really different and I definitely don’t have any other shimmery colors like this. It’s really pretty, but beware of brush marks! You just have to be careful when you apply that you don’t do too many swipes.

Next up is “Suzi and the Arctic Fox”. I’m wearing 2 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat. I would describe this color as a deep navy-indigo hybrid. 

This is such a cool shade! I don’t have anything else in my collection like it. It is definitely a dark color and looks almost like a black in some lights. But in brighter lights, that indigo blue tone really shines through!

Next is “That’s What Friends Are Thor”. This is 2 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat.

This is a warm, deep brown creme. The formula, again, was super smooth and coverage was great. These two coats were very thin! This is another shade that might be a little dark for my personal style, but I still love the way it looks. If you love brown shades I definitely recommend this one!

Then we have “This Isn’t Greenland”. I’m wearing 2 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat.

This is a nice nail polish, but the color just personally isn’t my style. It’s kind of like a muted Granny Smith apple green. I don’t see myself really wearing this, but it could look amazing on someone else!

I saved the best for last! Here is “Turn On the Northern Lights”. I’m wearing 2 coats with the Infinite Shine top coat.

This is a navy blue crelly with a multichrome shimmer to it. The shimmer looks magenta, then sometimes a little orange-y, and sometimes purple. It is so gorgeous!!! Even though I did 2 coats I might recommend 3, since you can just slightly see my nail line in these photos. Regardless, this shade is a definite must have in your collection.

And that’s all 12 shades!

These polishes all retail for $12.50, and are available on Amazon and most beauty supply stores.

I hope you all found this review helpful! Thanks for reading.

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DISCLAIMER: Some links may be affiliate links. I received this collection from Preen.Me and OPI as part of the #PreenMeVIP program. All opinions expressed on these polishes are my own.

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