Ella + Mila "Under the Sea" Swatch and Review | #SwatchSunday

Hi everyone!

It’s Sunday, which means that it’s time for another #SwatchSunday post! You might remember from last week that I got some new polishes Snail Vinyls recently. They have started to stock a few nail polish brands, including Ella + Mila.

Today’s #SwatchSunday is going to be for this gorgeous teal polish, “Under the Sea”. I love the name of this! I immediately start imagining Sebastian sing “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid when I use this polish.

If you’re interested in purchasing this polish or any other products from Snail Vinyls, don’t forget to use my code NAILSBYERIN for 15% off!


Ella + Mila “Under the Sea” is a deep teal polish with a light blue shimmer . Here I am wearing two coats with a layer of Seche Vite top coat. This applied like a dream and it looks gorgeous! You guys know I love teal nail colors. 

One thing that you do want to keep in mind is the staining. Even with a base coat, I’ve found that teal polishes tend to stain around the edges of your nail. “Under the Sea” left a little hint of blue on my cuticles when I took it off, but it really wasn’t too bad. I’ve definitely used polishes that stain way more than this one! 

I can’t say too much about the longevity of this polish, since I only wore it for a few days, but it lasted well for that period of time! I probably wore it about 3 days, and had only some tip wear and maybe a chip or two on my thumbs (my thumbs always chip first).

“Under the Sea” is definitely a keeper for me! The blue shimmer is so pretty and makes it unique to all of my other teal shades.

I hope you all found this review helpful, and are enjoying #SwatchSunday’s again!


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