Negative Space Pink Floral Nails

Hello everyone!

Today I have this negative space mani to share with all of you. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me post the white base for these nails yesterday! I asked what you thought I would be putting on top, and clearly you guys know me very well, haha 😂  Yup, it’s floral!

I added some pink flowers and gold accents to this mani, and even though it didn’t turn out exactly the way I had hoped, I’m still happy with how it turned out.

I basically started by putting two small straight nail vinyls on each nail (I get all my nail vinyls from Snail Vinyls, and you can use my code NAILSBYERIN for 15% off!). Then I painted over with a white nail polish. I put the stripes near the top of my nail on my ring and middle fingers, and I put the stripes lower on all my other nails.  I added some small gold dots as an accent, as well as some pink flowers on my ring and middle nails. To keep with the theme of gold accents, I painted the leaves of the flowers in gold.

You guys know that I always love painting florals, and for a while I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with some classic pink florals or royal blue ones. But I am really loving using Essie “Backseat Besties” for pink flowers lately, so I caved and decided against the blue. But maybe I will try a more unusual floral pattern sometime soon!

I know the lines could be a little cleaner, an everything in general could be a little sharper, but I think it is still a fun and girly mani.

Here’s a closer look at the floral nail art.

If you want to see how I created this design, please check out my YouTube tutorial here:

I hope you guys like this design! 😁💖

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