Londontown Vacay Mode Collection | Swatch and Review

Hey everyone!

Today I’m back with a swatch and review post for the Londontown Vacay Mode collection! This is their new spring collection and it is so bright and beautiful. It is made up of four shades; all of theme creme polishes.

Keep on reading to see the colors and hear what I have to say about them!

First up is “Out of Office”, a beautiful baby pink creme. Here I am wearing two coats with a layer of top coat. My coats were a tiny bit thick to get the most coverage, but if you did very thin coats I think you might need 3.
Pink is not usually a color I wear but this is such a pretty shade! It’s definitely perfect for spring. I think this would pair perfectly with some florals! And in the scheme of things, 2 coats for a baby pink this light is a pretty good formulation.
Next up is “Amalfi Love”, a perfect periwinkle blue. Here I am wearing 2 coats with a layer of top coat. This one was perfect in two coats! Anyone who knows me knows that I love blues, and this shade is no exception.
This reminds me a lot of Essie Bikini So Teeny…. I should’ve done a side by side but I think “Amalfi Love” is a shade or two darker than BST. If you love periwinkle, though, you’ll love this one by Londontown!
Then we have “Summer Fling”, a hot pink creme. Here I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat. Again, pinks are not usually my style, especially bright pinks like this. But I’ll admit that this formula was a dream and went on so smoothly!
I might give this one to my mom since since she always wears hot pinks like this one. I also might be able to incorporate this into nail art…. maybe some more florals? Lol, I’m clearly obsessed. I hope you guys aren’t tired of florals yet!

And last but not least is “Guilty Pleasure”, a poppy red crelly. Here I am wearing 2 coats with top coat. This shade was actually more unique to my collection than I thought! It is a much different shade of red than the ones I usually pick up. I tend to prefer true reds or more vampy/burgundy red colors. Even though this does lean towards being a crelly, the color builds up fine with two coats. It just looks a little jelly-like on the first coat!

I actually think this is such a fun and unexpected color to wear this spring! Some people might not lean towards reds during spring, but the fact that this pulls more of a pink-toned poppy red actually makes this a great color for the season! It will definitely turn heads because it is stunning.

And that’s the whole collection! They all looked to be really shiny and beautiful on. I also think the formula was smooth and easy to work with.

Londontown polishes usually go for $16 each, though this collection is currently not available on their website. Keep an eye out for them soon!

You can also watch me apply these polishes live on my YouTube video here!


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