Aladdin Nails | Disney Nail Art

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to show you guys these… I finally got around to doing another Disney nail art design, based off of the suggestions that you all gave me in my Instagram story! I know how much you all like my Disney nails and this was one of the highest voted movies.

Just to note – I did these based on the original 1992 movie and not the live action remake from this year. But I think they work regardless!

Let’s get into the nail art!


I wanted to do a nail inspired by each of the key characters in the movie. From left to right, they are Abu’s hat, Jasmine’s blue outfit, the Magic Carpet, Aladdin’s Prince Ali hat, and the Genie.

I used a TON of different polishes and paints in this design, so if you want to know which is which, check out the product list in the description of my YouTube video.


These kind of designs take a lot more time to do and I’m not as confident in my freehand skills, but I’m happy with how these turned out and I will always love doing Disney-inspired nails.

If you want a detailed tutorial on how I created this look, then please check out my YouTube tutorial here:


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you all love this nail art as much as I do.





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