Color4Nails Cuticle-Away and Cuticle Oils Review

Hello everyone!Today I have a review of two cuticle oil pens and a cuticle softener from Color4Nails. They recently launched these new products and they very kindly sent me two of the cuticle oils they are carrying (they have 5 oil pens, one of them is unscented as well).The Cuticle-Away is a cuticle softener made [...]

Soft Purple Gradient Nails with Born Pretty Store Bow

Hello everyone!Today I have a nice "refresher" mani to share with you all. I wanted to do something simple and pretty that would compliment this cute little silver nail bow from Born Pretty Store (these come in a bunch of different, silver and pearl designs, but the one I'm using here is #727).After a serious amount of [...]

Bright Gradient Nails | Color4Nails Crystalline Nail Veil Review

I have a really cool product to show you guys today! :)If you're into nail art, then you've probably at least heard of the liquid latex/liquid painter's tape products that have become very popular lately.Today, I have one of those liquid latex products to share with you! This is the Crystalline Nail Veil from Color4Nails [...]