Color4Nails Cuticle-Away and Cuticle Oils Review

Hello everyone!

Today I have a review of two cuticle oil pens and a cuticle softener from Color4Nails. They recently launched these new products and they very kindly sent me two of the cuticle oils they are carrying (they have 5 oil pens, one of them is unscented as well).

The Cuticle-Away is a cuticle softener made with coconut oil, and it smells fantastic! After using the Cuticle-Away, I pushed back my cuticles and moisturized with the oil, and my cuticles looked so nice and healthy! Even on my gross dominant hand looked worlds better. I’m really a big fan of this product now. I think that it will quickly become a staple in my nail care routine.

One of the two cuticle oils I was sent was the jasmine rose oil. The scent is a really soft, and for me it is almost a relaxing scent. I like using the jasmine one before I go to bed!

If you’re into brighter, more fun scents, then you will love the mango pomegranate oil! You may not be a fan if sweet smells bother you, but it smells more fruity than sweet, in my opinion.

Both of these oils instantly refresh and moisturize my cuticles and overall just improve how they look. If my cuticles ever look dry, I just swipe a little of the oil on, and then massage it into my cuticle.

I would definitely recommend any of these products to a friend! Like I said before, I think that these will become staples in my nail care routine. I’m very happy with all of them!


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DISCLAIMER: I was sent these products by Color4Nails to review and share with all of you. All opinions expressed on these products are my own. I only post honest reviews for you all. ❤

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