New Polishes From Christmas!

So I got A LOT of new polishes during the holidays… My family knows that I’m obsessed! 🙂 I wanted to make a blog post to share with you my new polishes and to show you a few swatches. 

Just to be clear: I am not in any way bragging about the nail polish that I received for the holidays, I just tend to share everything nail polish related with you all, and I also wanted to see if there were any swatches of colors or certain colors you would like to know more about.

By the way, this is my “Nails By Erin” ornament that I got while on vacation this year!

From my Aunt Trisha I got the Ciaté Mini Mani Month Calendar! It has 24 Ciaté mini nail polishes and all of the colors are so unique and pretty! Not to mention that it also came with silver, gold, and multicolored caviar beads, as well as some sequins and glitter!!! 😀
From left to right: Caviar Pearls in “Midnight in Manhattan”, Silver Caviar Metallic Pearls, Gold Caviar Metallic Pearls, Loose glitter “Twinkle Toes”, Sequins in “Dallas Dolly”, Caviar Pearls in “Cupids Arrow” (Second Row) “Snow Globe”, “Main Stage”, “Sugar Plum”, “Hoopla”, “Amazing Gracie”, “Boudoir”, (Third Row) “Candy Floss”, “Pillow Fight”, “Pepperminty”, “Encore!”, “Ivory Queen”, “Chinchilla” (Last Row) “Members Only”, “Tweed and Tails”, “Starlet”, “Fit For A Queen”, “Hopscotch” and “Play Date”
I haven’t tried all of the colors yet, and I really can’t possibly show you all of 24 polishes, but one that really caught my eye was “Pillow Fight”:

Two coats of Ciaté “Pillow Fight” and one coat of topcoat

 It is a beautiful purple-ish gray. I think I like it because it is so different from the colors I usually go for. The application of the polish was great, and the bottle had a really nice wide brush that made the polish go on very well. Even without a topcoat, the polish is very shiny. I think I might be addicted to Ciaté now! 😉

From my sister I got a gift card to Sally’s and two mini China Glazes, “Frostbite” and the most amazing fine glitter ever, “Fairy Dust”! 🙂

From my Nana and PopPop I got the Mariah Carey by OPI “Mini Holiday Hits” box. I love OPI and the colors in this are so warm and pretty; not to mention that the glitters are beautiful!!!

Polishes in the Box: “Visions of Love”, “Warm Me Up”, “Wonderous Star”, “All Sparkly and Gold”
Also pictured are the two mini China Glazes I got from my sister: “Frostbite” and “Fairy Dust”
I also used the gift card to Sally’s from my sister to get my first full sized China Glazes, my first Zoya and some new OPI Liquid Sand polishes!

From Left To Right: (Top Row) OPI Liquid Sand “Alcatraz… Rocks”, China Glaze “Sweet Hook”, China Glaze “All Wrapped Up”, OPI Liquid Sand “Honey Ryder” (Bottom Row) China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”, China Glaze “For Audrey” and Zoya “Blu”

I am soooo excited to finally have some China Glaze polishes!! I knew I had to get “Flip Flop Fantasy” and I thought that “Sweet Hook” was such a pretty light purple for spring (oh spring, please come faster!!!) and I am now in love with “For Audrey”. It is almost a duplicate for Essie “Where’s My Chauffeur?”, and I love colors like this.
China Glaze “For Audrey”

The application of China Glaze polishes is great, and I really like how the brushes are a little bit thinner. It has better precision than the very wide brushes that a lot of my polishes have. Two coats was all I needed, and with a top coat it is sooo pretty and shiny! (P.S. This color looks great paired with OPI Liquid Sand “Honey Ryder)

 I also bought myself any early Christmas present this year… shhh!!! I really wanted Essie “Toggle to the Top” to wear for the holiday season. It is a beautiful deep red polish with silver glitters in it, but in the red jelly the glitter seems red as well. Basically, it is a whole bottle of glittery red Christmas festivity! 🙂 I got a lot of compliments when I wore it on Christmas.

And that’s everything! Hopefully I will be doing some designs very soon with my new nail polishes. I am in love with all of the colors and I especially can’t wait to try the caviar beads from Ciaté. But I am also dying to trying the glitters from the Mariah Carey collection… I don’t even know where to start haha!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate. I hope to have more nail art and especially more YouTube tutorials for you guys this year.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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