China Glaze "Too Yacht to Handle" Swatch and Review

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another swatch from the polishes that I got from Live Love Polish!
(More info about Live Love Polish can be found on my last blog post and at the bottom of this one)

I have been so excited to try out this one! I’ve been eyeing “Too Yacht to Handle” for a long time. I love blue-green colors and I have been wanting to add this one to my collection!

(Oh, and if you haven’t already noticed, my nails keep getting shorter and shorter. My squares have been breaking like crazy on the corners!)

“Too Yacht to Handle” is a bright aqua/teal creme that leans more towards blue in brighter lights and more towards green in darker lights. I am wearing 3 coats with top coat in the photo above, and it is shown in natural lighting. As you can see, the green tones really come through in the slightly darker lighting.

I’m having a love/hate relationship with this polish. I really really wish this was a perfect two-coater, but it barely was a three-coater! The formula was unfortunately a little bit watery and thin, and I feel like this is one of those polishes that might even need 4 coats sometimes. You can faintly see in my pictures some streaks where another coat would be necessary.

Who wants to play “Spot the Streaks”? Haha 🙂 They aren’t extremely noticeable, but they are there and it really makes me wish that this was a two-coater. I’m showing this photo since it is in direct sunlight and you can see how it is starting to lean more towards an aqua-blue color.

The part that makes me love this polish is the definitely the color!!! It is absolutely gorgeous. I especially love how different it looks depending on the lighting! I love polishes like this because they are always interesting to look at.

This could have been my fault, but this polish also chipped on the second day I was wearing it, which was a little disappointing. This might have to do with how many coats I put on, but I can’t be sure. In the past few days got little chips on the corners of my nails as well as chipping on my thumbs.

Has anyone else had this problem with “Too Yacht to Handle”?

Despite the downsides of this polish, I will most likely wear this a lot. It is too beautiful of a color to pass up! If you can deal with a watery formula and you absolutely have to have blue-green colors, then this will work for you, but I think some other ladies might find it to be a hassle.

Otherwise, I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments on this color and I think it is beautiful!

You can find this polish and many others from brands like NCLA, Color Club, Model’s Own and more at! (Live Love Polish is a new online nail polish shop with some of the best brands. They sell 100% authentic products since they get the polishes directly from the brands rather than unreliable discount suppliers! The shipping is international and very fast as well.)

Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “China Glaze "Too Yacht to Handle" Swatch and Review

  1. It is such a shame! I'm trying to find a dupe with a better formula because the color is so beautiful. Sorry to hear that you didn't have any luck with it either! ❤


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