Pink and Gold Nails | Mani Swap with Julie @wannaknowasecret!

Hello everyone!

Today I have this fun pink and gold mani that I did in a mani swap with Julie (@wannaknowasecret)!

Julie reached out to me last week asking if we wanted to do some nail art together again. It has been so long since we last collaborated! Of course I said yes, and we decided to do a mani swap! I chose this beautiful design of hers, inspired by Ashley Tisdale. I just love the combination of light pink and gold!  Click here to see her original version of this mani.

I’m pretty sure that Julie free-handed her accent nail in her mani since she is a nail wizard, but I used the skinny straight stripes nail vinyls from Twinkled T to be more precise since I just do not have that kind of free-hand skill! Haha 🙂

I decided to use Floss Gloss “Perf” as the pink in this design. And let me tell you, this polish could not be more accurately named! With either two thick-ish coats, or three very thin ones like I did, this light pink creme is such a beautiful, girly and soft pink! I am so obsessed… Probably the best formulated light pink I have ever owned. Very beautiful and opaque!

The Floss Gloss bottles are so cute, as well! They have the name on one side, and then this fingernail graphic on the other. And I love the caps! The brushes on these polishes are the perfect width and a little bit shorter than your usual brush. It works amazingly for the size of my nails! The one down side is the bottles are a little small so they have less nail polish in them.

And can you guess what polish I used for the gold accent? Can ya? Can ya? Haha yep, it’s OPI Liquid Sand “Honey Ryder”… again. I think I might have a problem. It just goes with everything!!!

A close up to show you guys the pattern of the nail. I know the lines aren’t perfect, but that’s because it is a textured polish and is a little more tricky to use with the vinyls.

Check my Instagram account for a 15 second tutorial of how I used the vinyls to make my accent nail!

Let me know what you guys think of this mani, and please don’t forget to follow Julie on Instagram! She is so talented and is such a lovely person as well. ❤

If you’re interested in the vinyls I used from Twinkled T, check out there shop here and find the skinny straight stripe vinyls here


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DISCLAIMER: Twinkled T sent me these vinyls to review and share with you all. I am not being paid to use this product. All opinions expressed on this product are strictly my own. I only post honest reviews for you all ❤

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