Ella + Mila "Little Plum Dress" Swatch and Review | #SwatchSunday

Hi everyone!

It’s time for another #SwatchSunday! For the past two weeks, I’ve been reviewing some new polishes that I received from Snail VinylsThey have started to stock some nail polish brands, which is awesome!

Today’s #SwatchSunday is for one of the Ella + Mila polishes that Snail Vinyls is stocking, called “Little Plum Dress”.

If you’re interested in purchasing this polish or any other products from Snail Vinyls, don’t forget to use my code NAILSBYERIN for 15% off!

 Ella + Mila “Little Plum Dress” is a deep plum purple. Here I am wearing two coats with a layer of Seche Vite top coat. It is a pretty dark shade, especially with two coats, so it almost looks black. The formula was super smooth and easy to apply.

It’s so dark that I might even describe it as a blackened plum color. In the daylight, you can see more of the purple but otherwise it leans closer to black.

I do want to mention that when I took this polish off, it did leave a little bit of purple discoloration around my cuticles. I kind of expected that with such a dark, pigmented polish, but if staining really bothers you, then you might want to be careful with this polish.

If you are into vampy shades, then you are going to love this polish! It really is gorgeous and has a great formulation.

This polish and more from Ella + Mila are available on SnailVinyls.com. I hope you guys found this review helpful, and I hope you are excited for more nail art soon!


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DISCLAIMER: Snail Vinyls sent me this polish to review and share with you all. I am not being paid to use this product. All opinions expressed on this product are strictly my own. I only post honest reviews for you all ❤

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