In Memory of Ane Li

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is a bit of a sad one.

The lovely Ane Li, who many of you know from Instagram and YouTube, unfortunately passed away on July 11th. I was devastated to hear about Ane, since she was one of the first people I followed and was inspired by when I got into nail art. She was an amazing talent and a beautiful person inside and out.

In honor of Ane, many artists throughout the nail community are doing recreations of her nail art on July 25th, the day of her funeral, as a tribute to her.

I chose to do this design of Ane’s because it is so simple and beautiful. Since Ane’s story unfortunately ended with her losing her battle with depression, I knew that I wanted to recreate this nail art that focused on “love”. After such a tragic event, I thought focusing on love might be a more positive way to remember Ane.

One thing that always stood out to me from Ane’s designs was her signature matte manicures, and her incredibly fine lines when she did small details and lettering. Though my chunky and messy lettering doesn’t even compare to hers, I love the simplicity of this design and I felt very happy to recreate some of her amazing work. You can find Ane’s original manicure here.

Depression is a serious illness and cannot be faced alone. Please reach out to your family, friends, a counselor, or someone else you trust if you are struggling with any sort of mental illness.

Rest in peace, Ane.


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