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Hi everyone!

Since so many of you loved my Stranger Things Nails, I figured I should keep the series going and do another design inspired by a famous TV show… So this time I did nails themed around The CW’s Riverdale!

I did each nail inspired by one of the main characters on the show.

On my pinky, I did a nail inspired by Cheryl. She is always wearing red, so I started with a red base (Color Club “Cadillac Red”). Then, I painted her black and gold spider brooch over it.

My ring finger is inspired by Veronica and a dress she wore with a scalloped collar. Then, I used a white nail polish to create some white pearls above the neckline, since Veronica loves her pearls.

My middle nail inspired by Betty. Her girl-next-door look consists of a lot of cute pink sweaters, so I took some inspiration from Season 1 Episode 2 and recreated her pink sweater with an embellished white collar. The pink nail polish is Color Club “Sugar Sheer”.

My index nail is inspired by Jughead, so of course I had to recreate his iconic crown beanie. I don’t have a deep gray polish that matches his beanie very well, so I used a black and a light gray polish to create this messy, textured look instead.

On my thumb, I painted the stripes from Archie’s varsity jacket. I used Essie “All the Wave” as the royal blue base.

I actually like how these came out! I think each nail represents the style of each different character well. Sorry if I missed your favorite character! I know there are a lot of other Riverdale favorites but I only have 5 nails, haha. I tried to incorporate the most prominent characters in the show.

I hope you guys like this nail art! Let me know if you want to see more TV show inspired nails in the comments here or on my Instagram. I think it could be a fun recurring series for me to do.

Be sure to comment down below your favorite Riverdale character! I’d be interested to see what you all think. 😊

If you want to see how I did this design, then check out my YouTube tutorial here:

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