Christmas Cookie Swirl Nails | Christmas Cookie Mani Swap 2018

Hi everyone and Merry (almost) Christmas!

I’m feeling extra festive today because this blog post is all about Christmas cookies… You might remember last year that I did a Christmas cookie mani swap with a bunch of other nail bloggers, and this year I was a part of it again!

The amazing Sarah of 25 Sweetpeas pulled this whole thing together and created another amazing e-magazine to enjoy this holiday season. Please check it out here!

If you want to read more about my nail design and cookies, as well as hear more about the magazine, then just keep reading! (Fair warning: this is a photo heavy post… I had too many fun ones to choose from)

Since I did my favorite Christmas cookie (gingerbread) for last year’s collab, I decided to do a newer cookie that my family and I have been making the past few years. We first saw this swirl cookie idea on Pinterest and decided to recreate them with my great-grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe. I just love the look of them and thought they would make a perfect nail design.

For my nails, I used nail vinyls (from Snail Vinyls, which is unfortunately now closed) to create the swirl pattern, then used a dotting tool and a rainbow assortment of polishes to add little dots for nonpareils on the edges of my nail. I love how colorful and festive the result is!

In addition to nail art and Christmas treat recipes, there is a nail polish launching along with this magazine designed by Sarah and Takko Lacquer called Baking Season. It is so beautiful and if you guys are looking for a good year-round red holo nail polish, I’m sure you’ll love this shade. Sarah has photos and more information up on her blog!
Here’s a better solo shot of my nail art:
These cookies do take a bit of practice to make the perfect swirl, and the process of preparing the dough can be a little time consuming since it has to chill for a while. It’s definitely the type of cookie dough you should prepare the night before. But the final result is so worth it!
(You can find my full recipe and instructions for how to make the swirl in the magazine)

My family always do both red and green cookies for Christmas so I did some red and some green nails for my manicure. But this would definitely work with any colors and for any holiday!

And another up-close shot of the nail art….


Told ya I had a lot of photos.

I have been so excited to share this with you. I love doing collaborations with fellow bloggers and the talented ladies in this bunch have such wonderful content! Please take the time to open up the magazine and take a look at page 12 where you can find a list of all the contributors.


And here is a surprise appearance from my elusive thumb!! Lol. I never really show my thumb in nail art photos but I did make sure I painted all of my nails for this design.


If you want to see how I created this nail art, then you can watch my YouTube video here:


I hope you have as much fun checking out this magazine as I had participating in it! Thank you again to Sarah from 25 Sweetpeas for creating all of this and making such a fun magazine.
Happy Holidays, everyone!
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