My Favorite Manis of 2018

Hi everyone, and happy 2019!
Every year, I recap my favorite nail art designs, in no particular order, as a fun little way to close out the year. So, here are my favorite manis of 2018!

Keep reading to see more about each nail design and why I chose it as one of my top 8!

I picked my sheer white and purple floral nails because it was one of the few floral manis I did this year. I have always loved florals but I don’t always have the time to do something a bit more intricate, especially because I am a bit of a perfectionist. I loved that these were purple rather than my usual pink, and this sheer polish I used as a base is such a gorgeous shade. Overall I love this simple and elegant design!

Read my full blog post on this design here.

Next up are my rose gold X nails that I did in collaboration with Sally Hansen and their Insta-Dri relaunch. These shades were so beautiful and I loved this color combo! You guys know that simple geometric designs like these are some of my favorites.

Read my full blog post on this design here.


I also have my Incredibles nails that I did for the release of Incredibles 2 this year. I painted their “I” logo and did my other nails inspired by their uniforms. This was my second most liked Instagram post for 2018! You all seemed to really love them on my Instagram, so I think I’ll definitely be doing some more Disney nails this coming year.

Read my full blog post on this design here.


Then I have my mint and rose gold floral nails, which were honestly just a combination of some of my favorite colors and styles at the moment, haha. Mint Candy Apple by Essie was a staple in my nail polish collection this year and this rose gold polish (Cirque Colors Halcyon) is one of my favorites. The flowers were much more visible in person but I still like how this design turned out.

Read my full blog post on this design here.


Of course, I had to include my cloud marble nails inspired by Ariana Grande’s manicure! I love this style: this mani is so simple and clean and I have been loving marble this year. Plus, these are so easy to do! All you need are two polishes and a plastic sandwich bag.

Read my full blog post on this design here.


I always include my birthday nails in my favorites…. I usually end up loving my birthday nails because they’re a bundle of all of my favorite nail art styles. In this case, it was Mint Candy Apple, holographic silver glitter, and a simple quatrefoil accent nail. Pretty similar to my usual birthday nails, but I just love them too much! 🙂

Read my full blog post on this design here.


And last but certainly not least are my rose gold snowflake nails that I did for my Instagram takeover for butter LONDON! These were such a different holiday design for me, and I really love how they turned out. Not to mention it was such an honor to take over their Instagram for this tutorial! (Psst, you can still watch the video in their Instagram highlights, just check the “Takeovers” one). Plus, you guys know I’ve been loving rose gold this year!

Read my full blog post on this design here.


Which one of my manis was your favorite this year? Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram.

Thank you all for another year of support and nail adventures. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!


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