My Updated Nail Care Routine! | 2019

Hi everyone!

Today up on my YouTube channel I uploaded my updated nail care routine…. Not too much has changed from my regimen in the past 4 years, but I wanted to do a little bit of a more in-depth video going through it. Plus, now that I’ve shown my face, I can do more chit-chatty videos for this sort of thing! 🙂

I also have an Amazon Shop page now, which is where I list all of my favorite products for you all. I do receive a very small affiliate payment when you use my shop page, but I hope you consider supporting me and my nail hobby if you’re going to shop any of the products I mention here!

You can watch my nail care routine video on my YouTube channel here…


Hope you all enjoy and find the video helpful! Please be sure to leave a comment with your favorite nail care product(s) and any tips or tricks you have. I’m always looking for new recommendations!





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DISCLAIMER: Some of the products I mentioned in this video were sent to me by the company for review. Any opinions expressed on any products are strictly my own. I receive a small affiliate payment from purchases made on my Amazon Shop page.

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