Winter Floral Nails | Whats Up Nails Brush Review

Hi everyone!

You all know I love florals, but I always feel like I shy away from them after the spring and summer. For some reason, I’ve been seeing a ton of fall floral nail art lately from some of my favorite nail bloggers, and it inspired me to try and create a floral pattern that worked well for this winter weather!

I ended up being pretty happy with how it turned out and I think these would make a great (slightly more unique) holiday mani! I love the touches of gold and red since they make it feel really festive. I hope you guys like them too!

Keep on reading for more details on how I did this design…


I did pretty much all of the floral parts of this design using the #24 Dance Detail Brush from Whats Up Nails. This brush was very thin and defined, and in my opinion, it’s the perfect length for doing floral patterns like this! I never like brushes that are too long when I’m freehanding because I feel like I don’t have any control. With this brush, I felt like I had the perfect amount. Also, the Dance line of brushes from Whats Up Nails has a built in cap, which is really convenient. The end of the brush comes off to reveal that it’s actually a cap for the brush. When it’s closed, the brush is a lot more compact which is nice for taking it on trips. and when it’s on the end of the brush, it makes the actual handle of the brush longer. Again, this just made me feel like I had more control over the brush.

Whats Up Nails also has a ton of other brushes like this one, in a variety of sizes and shapes. They also have a few other nail brush lines, so there’s definitely something for everyone!

I also used some dotting tools from Amazon for the bases of the flowers and the little dots around the flowers. (P.S… You can find lists of some of my favorite nail art tools, nail care items, and nail polishes on my Amazon Shop page.)

I also did this nail art the day after our first snowfall here in New Jersey, so I thought it would be perfect to take some winter wonderland-esque photos 🙂


I started off with a base of OPI Infinite Shine “Less is Norse” since it’s one of my favorite navy blue shades. Then I decided to take a variety of colors to create the floral pattern. I wanted to use warm tones to counteract the cool blue base, and because I thought using warm colors (especially red) would make these feel perfectly fitting for the holidays. I incorporated a bit of sparkle with a festive gold shade for a few details.

I did some white flowers and some yellow, which I defined with the gorgeous Essie “Dress to Kilt”. It’s a beautiful burgundy red creme! The gold is Salon Perfect “Gold Leaf”, and the yellow is Essie “Hay There”.


Just to make these photos extra winter-y and cozy, I wore this cable knit sweater from Francesca’s with some jeans, a belt from Target, and my gray Ann Klein winter coat. The gold rings are from Francesca’s as well.

I think I’ve said this before, but I really love doing more creative shots like this one. I think it makes my content much more interesting than just the same angle of my nails over and over again, and it really allows me to try new things and expand my content! Even if these ones never do as well on Instagram, lol 🙂


If you want a detailed tutorial on how I did this floral pattern, you can check out the video on my YouTube channel here:


Thanks for reading!



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DISCLAIMER: Whats Up Nails gifted me this nail art brush to use and share with you. All opinions are my own. Some links are affiliate links.

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