My 22nd Birthday Nails!

Hi everyone!

Every year since I was 15, I’ve been doing a special nail art design on my birthday that’s a compilation of all the styles and colors I love! Today I turn 22 (my Taylor Swift Birthday! 😉 ) so I’m sharing the nails I did to celebrate.

I have to admit, this year I had absolutely no plan for my birthday nails. I just decided to grab a bunch of my favorite colors and this is what came together! I’m actually really happy with how they came out and these might be some of my fave birthday nails I’ve done so far 🙂


I started off with a base of OPI “Mexico City Move-mint” which is my ultimate blue-green pastel…. I literally bought 2 extra bottles of this because I love the color so much lol. It’s still a 3 coater but this is the only nail polish I’ve found that totally gets my light blue-green shade right. It’s so beautiful!!!

Then I just took some cool tones of blue and purple for some flowers, painted a gold “22”, and tied in the gold with some leave details around the flowers.


And that’s pretty much it! No tutorial because this is honestly pretty similar to a lot of my old designs. I have a super in-depth floral nail tutorial on my YouTube channel that shows how I did this pattern, and then just hand painted the 22.

Thanks to all of you who have stuck around for another year of birthday nails! 🙂



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