China Glaze Jollywood Collection | Swatch & Review | Holiday 2020

Hi everyone!

Today I have a big swatch and review post for you all ๐Ÿ™‚ China Glaze was kind enough to send me their beautiful new Jollywood Collection for the holidays and I swatched all 12 shades!

There’s a little bit of everything in here: shimmers, glitters, holiday jewel tones and glittering metallics… I think everyone will be able to find something they like in here!

The China Glaze Jollywood Collection is available at CVS, Sally Beauty, and Amazon. The polishes each retail for about $8.99!

Let’s get into the swatches, and be warned, this is a photo-heavy post!

Santa Monica Claus is a bright (and I mean bright!) red shimmer polish. This one has a jelly-like base, but it seems pretty opaque after 2 coats. In the bottle, the shimmer looks to be a golden orange shade, but on the nail it looks more like a red shimmer. This formula is slightly thin, which I don’t necessarily mind, but it does sometimes mean you have to be a bit careful of flooding your cuticles…. Nothing’s worse than flooding your cuticles with a red polish haha. Otherwise this is a great red, the shimmer is beautiful, and I can see a lot of people reaching for this for the holidays.

Yule Jewels is an orange-red shimmer polish. This is pretty much the same formula as Santa Monica Claus, with a jelly base and a sparkling golden-orange shimmer. This one just has much more of an orange tone to it, especially when you compare them side-by-side! I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat again. I’m really not a huge fan of orange so I can’t say this is my favorite shade, but I think this cooler will look beautiful on deeper skin tones!

Famous Fir Sure is a light green chrome/metallic polish. Like most other chrome polishes, these easily show texture and brush strokes. My best tips for application would be to use a smoothing base coat for the most even coats, and use as few brush strokes as possible to avoid too many lines in the finish. It can take a bit of practice, but this will help make a smoother chrome effect! I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat in these photos.

Celebri-tree is a forest green jelly filled with reflective silver microglitter and bar glitter… So it kind of ends up looking like pine needles! ๐Ÿ™‚ Perfect for a tree-themed polish. I like. this deeper shade of green a lot better, and I think the glitter is a really fun touch. The circular microglitter pics up beautiful specks of light and makes this one feel twinkly and magical for the holidays. I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat!

Silent Nightlife is a lilac chrome/metallic polish. This is essentially the same formula as Famous Fir Sure so it’s a chrome-like finish and you need to be careful to avoid texture. This is a really pretty shade of purple! It’s not a color I would typically reach for during the holidays but would be great if you’re looking for something different. Or maybe even for something fun like New Year’s! I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat.

Valet the Sleigh is a deep mauve purple glitter polish with a magenta shimmer. This one dries with a slight texture from the glitter, so you do need a second coat of top coat if you want to get a super smooth finish. Otherwise, this polish was perfect!! I love the color, love the glitter, and think this was one of the prettiest polishes in the collection. It also has a beautiful pink shimmer to some of the glitters that I think you can catch a little bit in my pictures. Again, this is 2 coats with 2 coats of top coat. I’ll definitely be reaching for this one!

Melrose Fireplace is a champagne metallic polish filled silver microglitter. This feels so New Year’s to me!! The glitter ends up looking like sparkling champagne bubbles. Unfortunatley because of the chrome finish mixed with the glitter, it does end up creating some marks of texture where the litter sits on the nail, but I still really do like this shade. I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat!

Screen Vixen is a matte gold shimmer polish. This is the only matte shade in the collection and it’s a standout. The finish is smooth, and it’s a beautiful mix between a shimmer and a metallic gold. You can definitely apply top coat over this one if you prefer a glossy look, but I think the matte is a nice change of pace here, too.

Snow Biz is a gunmetal-silver metallic shimmer polish, that also has super tiny microglitters that shift between blue and purple. I did 2 coats with top coat for these swatches, but I honestly would probably do 3 coats next time. Still, I love the subtle shimmer in this polish and this metallic feels very New Year’s Eve to me!

Tinsel Town is a bright silver metallic shimmer polish. I love this one… It’s just icy, glittery magic in a bottle. I did end up doing 3 coats of this one just because there were a few areas that I wanted to have a bit more coverage. Even with a thinner formula this is one of my favorites from the collection. A perfect winter metallic!

Deck the Malls is a super deep blue polish with turquoise rectangular glitter, and wow it is stunning!! Another favorite for sure. You guys already know I love blue shades and this one is so dark but thanks to the glitters, it still sparkles like a gemstone. Even though I have a ton of blue-greens, I don’t think I have any quite like this one. I’m wearing 2 coats with top coat!

And last but not least is Slay Your Line, a periwinkle gray metallic shimmer polish. This is 2 coats with top coat. I believe the China Glaze site described this as a gray but it definitely has a blue-purple tone to it! It’s so beautiful and I love the tone. I can definitely see myself wearing this in the winter!

And that’s the whole collection! Definitely just a great group of shimmery, glittery goodness. I hope you guys all enjoyed this review and found it helpful! Thanks so much for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


DISCLAIMER: China Glaze gifted me this collection. I am not being paid to use these products. All opinions expressed are my own. Some links are affiliate links.

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