Trying Reflective Nail Polish

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote a blog post… To be completely honest, I’ve had less time to commit to my own nail pages and just haven’t felt super inspired for a few months. But back in January, I decided to treat myself and actually buy a bottle of nail polish that has caught my eye! Shocking, I know. I don’t typically buy much nail polish because I’m generously gifted so many amazing polishes that I can’t justify adding more to my ever-growing collection. But this one looked too pretty to pass up!

Meet KBShimmer “All That Glimmers” – described on their website as “a soft, rose gold nail polish loaded with micro reflective pigment”. This is a reflective nail polish which means it lights up super bright when you shine a direct light on it, especially a camera flash!

I applied a base coat followed by 2 coats of “All That Glimmers”. If you have very long nails, you might need 3 coats. But I found that the glitter coverage was good after 2 for me! As the KBShimmer website states, this polish dries to a textured matte finish. It’s definitely an interesting look if you want to wear it that way, but I wanted smooth glitter so I applied 2 coats of Holo Taco Glossy Taco. I would recommend doing 2 coats of top coat for a completely smooth finish on this one. After 1 coat of top coat, I still felt a bit of texture when I ran my finger over my nail. The second coat really sealed everything in, made it smooth and super shiny!

For these pics, I used daylight light bulbs and lit my whole hand so you could see how it would look in bright lighting. This light condition really lets the reflective pigments glimmer instead of reflect! It’s so beautiful – like fairy dust! Even thought the reflective quality is what makes this polish the most unique, I think it’s super fun to see it in this light as well. In low light, this just looks like a mauve-pink glitter polish. Still a very pretty shade though!

And now for some reflective pics! 😉 I used my iPhone with flash on to take these that way I could capture the full reflective effect.

The effect is so cool!! I love how these pictures turned out. The reflective pigments totally light up and look unreal through the camera lens. They also have hints of holographic sparkle to them since you can see some rainbows reflecting in the glitter. Here’s an out-of-focus shot so you can really see the rainbows and reflection.

I definitely want to try some more colors in this finish now!

One thing to note on this polish: it did not last as long on my nails as I had hoped. Maybe it’s because of the thickness of the polish or the coarseness of the glitter, but it was starting to chip off within a few days.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed this polish color and finish. Super unique and eye catching! This polish is available on the KBShimmer website or on Amazon for $11 USD.

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed this review and thanks for sticking around. 😊


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