My Tips for Newspaper Nails

Hello everyone!

If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, (if you’re not, you should be! 🙂 then you have probably seen my latest video on how to do my Newspaper Cherry Blossom nails. I did the same design about a year ago, and I was so happy do do it again!

Something about the look of them is really pretty and girly and there’s a really cool vintage feel to them as well. I wish people did them more often, but I often get a lot of comments that a lot of people have trouble getting the whole newspaper technique right. So along with my YouTube video I’ve decided to make a list of my tips for newspaper nails! 🙂

  • Make sure you use rubbing alcohol!
    • A lot of people use other liquids (some use witch hazel, and I’ve heard that some even use water) but the best results come from rubbing alcohol.
  • Let your base dry completely first!
    • This one seems a bit obvious to me, but it really is important to let your base color dry completely before you do the newspaper part. If you press onto your nail and the polish is still tacky, you’re going to either get the newspaper stuck to your nail or leave an imprint. Try using a fast drying top coat to speed up the process if you just can’t wait.
  • Soak the paper AND your nail in the rubbing alcohol.
    • I’ve learned this one from trial and error, and I get the best results when I soak my nail for 10 seconds in the rubbing alcohol, then dip the newspaper into the rubbing alcohol so the paper is pretty much saturated with it. Remember, rubbing alcohol is what makes the ink transfer from the paper to your nail, so in my opinion the more there is, the better the ink transfer will be.
  • Hold the paper onto your nail for at least 20 seconds!
    • Again, I’ve learned this from trial and error. I find that the longer you press the ink on, the darker and more even the ink comes out on your nail. Play around with what works for you; maybe you need to hold the paper on a little longer. This is just what works best for me 🙂
  • ALWAYS use a top coat!
    • If you don’t use a top coat once you’ve transferred the ink to your nail, it will just rub off which you probably don’t want… I usually let the ink set and dry for a minute or two and then I apply a fast drying top coat. I like to wait so it dries on first because if it is still a little wet, sometimes the ink will smudge.
I hope these tips helped some of you guys out!

Here is the finished look:

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