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Hi everyone!

Today I have a super simple nail art design for you all, inspired by a nail design that Ariana Grande wore last week.

She posted a picture in her Instagram stories of her wearing matching cloud nails with her mom and her Nonna. As soon as I saw them on her story, I took a screenshot and knew I had to recreate it!

(I just want to mention, this nail design was done at @nail_swag salon by @natalieminerva. All credit to her for this beautiful design!)

Here’s the image Ariana posted in her story of her nail art with her mom and Nonna:

Her nails ended up having a little more gray than mine, but I still really like how these turned out! And luckily, this design is so easy to recreate, even if you are never able to do your nails.

I didn’t expect to like this design so much! It definitely feels slightly like a marble pattern, and I think if you added a little more detail, you could easily turn this from a cloudy mani into a marble mani.


I started by painting all of my nails with Sally Hansen “White on Time” and applying a layer of top coat to make sure it was completely dry.

Then I put Simply Peel Liquid Latex around my nail to make cleanup easier. Once that dried, I took the same white polish, and butter London “London Fog”, which is a medium gray, and I did a sandwich bag marble with them. Basically, a sandwich bag marble is where you put blobs of each color all over your nail and


The great thing about this design is that it doesn’t have to be perfect! They’re just supposed to look like slightly overcast clouds, so as long as you have a pretty good mix of gray and white, you can’t really go wrong.


If you still want more detail on how I did this nail design, then you can check out my YouTube tutorial here:

I hope you guys like this design! Have you listened to sweetener yet? What is your favorite song?


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