Headbands of Hope – Floral Scrunchies and Matching Nail Art! (+Discount Code)

Hi everyone!

Today’s nail art is inspired by my new scrunchies from Headbands of Hope. They were kind enough to send me their Blush + Floral Scrunchie Set and I was so in love with the floral patterns, I decided to recreate it on my nails.

Headbands of Hope is a fantastic brand that carries tons of different hair accessories: and there is truly something for everyone! I chose these scrunchies because I love how comfortable they are, and they don’t damage my naturally curly hair. Plus, these patterns were gorgeous! They also have headbands,  turbans, clips, scarves, and more.

The best part about Headbands of Hope is that for every headband bought, they donate one to a child with cancer. I absolutely love their mission and I love to support brands that do amazing things like this.

Keep on reading to see my nail art for these scrunchies and to see me wearing all 3 that come in the set!

Headbands-of-Hope-nails-pic1Unless you’re very new here, you know that I love floral patterns on my nails. So I definitely did not pass on the opportunity to match my nails to the florals in these scrunchies!

The Blush + Floral Scrunchie Set has a pink floral one, a solid blush one, and a blue floral one. Even though I love them all, the blue floral one really caught my eye!

To match it to my nails, I started with a base of Essie “Mint Candy Apple”. Then I used various shades to freehand the flowers onto my nails.

On my thumb and ring finger, I did an accent nail of Essie Gel Couture “Matter of Fiction” and added some rhinestones for a little added sparkle 🙂


Here’s a photo of me holding the scrunchie with the scrunchie that I matched my nails to. I’m really happy with how they turned out! Plus I think I matched the colors pretty well 🙂


To show these nails with the blue floral scrunchie, I decided on a DJ Tanner-esque half-up ponytail. The colors in this scrunchie are sooo pretty!! I love how it looks in my hair, and the quality of the scrunchies feel really great. They are super comfortable, full, and the elastic is strong even with my super thick hair.


Here’s all 3 scrunchies from the set on my arm while I’m wearing Essie “Matter of Fiction” on all of my nails. I have definitely been reaching for these hair accessories lately, more than any of my other scrunchies or hair ties!


I wore some other fun hairstyles to show off the other 2 scrunchies that I received. Here I am wearing the solid blush one with a pull-through braid. Shout out to my twin sister, who did my hair for all of these shots (but for the record, she had a lot of fun doing it!)


Here is the last scrunchie in the set, the pink floral one, with a twist back hairstyle. Again, I’m wearing Matter of Fiction by Essie and an arrow ring that I got on Etsy (the one I bought is not available anymore)


Please consider checking out the Headbands of Hope website if you are interested in their hair accessories. They have everything from headbands, to scrunchies, to scarves, hats, and more! I am so inspired by their mission and, if you are able, I encourage you to check out their products and support their cause.

You can also use my discount code ERIN for 20% off your order. I do not receive any sort of affiliate payment from this code.

I hope you all like this nail art and enjoyed this post!





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DISCLAIMER: These scrunchies were sent to me by Headbands of Hope to photograph and share with all of you. I am not being paid to promote these products. All opinions are my own.

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