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Hi everyone!

Since you guys always seem to love my Disney nail art designs, I put another one together for all of you… This time inspired by the 1953 classic, Peter Pan!

I pulled inspiration from a few of the main characters (couldn’t do a Peter Pan design without his iconic hat, Wendy, and Tinker Bell!) as well as some other fun parts of the story. I tried to keep this design simple so that it would be easy for even beginners to recreate. I hope you all like it!

For more details about how I created this design, keep on reading, and scroll to the bottom to watch my YouTube tutorial on these.


I remember watching Peter Pan when I was little and I still love the movie… Something about that hand drawn animation and old music makes that age of Disney movies feel so nostalgic and beautiful!

On my pinky nail, I decided to incorporate one of the most important elements of Neverland: the second star to the right! I started with a base of butter LONDON “Chat Up” for the sky and sponged some light blue over the top in a wavy line. Then I added holographic micro-glitter to give it a true “starry night sky” look. Side note: the holographic microglitter I used is China Glaze “Fairy Dust”, which I thought was very fitting for this theme! 🙂

My ring finger is inspired by the iconic Tinker Bell! I used a lime green base of Essie “The More the Merrier” to match her dress, then painted her wings over the top in a pale blue (butter LONDON “Candy Floss”). Then I added more China Glaze “Fairy Dust”, obviously, and did a simple yellow dot for her hair bun at the bottom using Essie “Hay There”. This way it still is definitely Tink, but the nail design isn’t too hard to recreate!


My middle nail is of course inspired by Peter. I think his most iconic feature is his green hat, so I painted my nail a solid green with Essie “On the Roadie”. Then I added his red feather using China Glaze “Campfired Up!”.

On my index finger, I painted Wendy Darling’s blue dress. I used butter LONDON “Candy Floss” again as my base, and then painted her bow using Orosa “Sky”.

Last but not least, I did my thumb inspired by Captain Hook. I took China Glaze “Campfired Up!” again and then painted his hook using Salon Perfect “Freedom Foil” and Salon Perfect “Sugar Cube” for his puffy pirate sleeve.


And that’s the whole design! I think these turned out really fun and cute 🙂 I’m excited to make this a more regular theme on my channel! I’ve already been writing out some more ideas that I can hopefully film soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss another tutorial!

You can also check out my video tutorial for these below.


Thanks for reading!



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