Hercules Nails | Disney Nail Art

Hi everyone!

I’m continuing my Disney nail art series today with another Disney classic: Hercules!

I feel like I never get tired of this movie and in my opinion, it has some of the best music! Not to mention Meg always has the perfect amount of sass and sarcasm. I decided to do relatively simple designs inspired by each of the main characters from the movie, similar to my other nail designs!

Keep on reading to hear more about how I created this look, and scroll to the bottom for my detailed YouTube tutorial.


To stick with the theme of my Disney nail art, I wanted to make a design that was easy enough for someone else to try but still captured the look of all the characters. Some of these designs have tinier details than a bunch of my other Disney nails, but hopefully you guys don’t find them too difficult!

From pinky to thumb, I painted Hades’ hair, Megara’s dress, Hercules’ armor, Pegasus’ hair, and Phil’s horns.


To keep these designs simple, I really like to focus on one simple aspect of a character’s look so it can be made into an easy nail art design! Hades hair seemed like his most prominent feature, and for Meg, her dress is so recognizable to me so I had to make that the focus of my nail. Hercules’ armor was a little more challenging of a design because of the swirls on his chestplate, but I still like how it turned out! And of course, I had to include Pegasus and Phil since they are the best sidekicks for Herc. Again, tried to keep those simple by just doing the tops of their heads.

If you want a full list of all the polishes I used for the entire mani, they are all written in the description of my YouTube video! It’s way too long to list here 🙂


Want to see exactly how I created this design with detailed voiceovers? Check out my YouTube tutorial here:

Thanks so much for reading! It’s been a real slice.

Hope you guys are enjoying this series 🙂



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